When you are walking along the beach this summer ask yourself if you prefer walking one direction rather than the other. This could be because your legs are different lengths!
Normal people (50%) have a 5 mm difference in leg length. If you are well adapted to this you will walk with a slight roll through your hips and the bottom of your trousers/jeans will fray more on one side.

If you are not well adapted, or have a larger discrepancy (20% have 9mm and 2.5% have 15mm or more) you may be experiencing recurrent lower back pain. Or you may get recurring ankle, knee or shoulder pain. This is because you land heavier on one leg and your pelvis needs to do more work to stop you lurching to one side. When standing for prolonged periods, people with significant leg length discrepancy will get a tired and aching lower back.

At the clinic we can help evaluate how your activities can be arranged around the leg length difference.
We may give some treatment, massage, stretching, posture retraining for exercise, or even a lift for one shoe.

Call us: We will be happy to sort this out for you.