Frequently asked questions about Osteopathic treatment.

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths are primary health care practitioners who recognise the important link between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Osteopathy is an art and a science that uses the tools available in medicine and manual medicine to tailor a treatment for the individual person that will assist them to recover from pain, disease and injury by enabling their health to be expressed.

The tools available in osteopathy include an in-depth understanding of:

  1. The anatomy of the body.
  2. How the body functions normally.
  3. How the body has failed to recover so far.
  4. How this relates to the wider context of a persons life (e.g. lifestyle, goals, stresses…)
  5. The pathways in which the body can return to health.

The tools that the osteopaths at this clinic use include:

  1. Manipulation of the body
  2. Soft tissue manipulation (massage type)
  3. Cranial (using the cranial rhythm to unwind the body from the inside out)
  4. Manipulation or gapping of joints (a click is often heard)
  5. Visceral (moving the internal organs of the body)
  6. Muscle energy (using your muscle activity to change body patterns)
  7. Counter-strain (holding muscles to release spasms and free joints)
  8. Functional (moving the fascia of the body)
  9. Neurolink (using tapping to reset brain responses)
  10. Biodynamics (an extension of cranial treatment using the body as fluid).


How many treatments will I need?

Every person and situation is different. If the symptoms are relieved by the first treatment you will probably need one or two follow-up treatments to ensure that you are returned to health and that the condition is fully cleared. Some people require regular maintenance every 1-4 months. Our aim is to get you healthy and independent.


Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

No, osteopaths are first contact professionals and can consult with and treat most patients. We work with many doctors and other health professionals.


Can osteopathy help me?

If you have any doubts, call us. If we consider that osteopathy is not the best treatment for you, we will tell you and can probably advise you as to the best people to consult.

Do I need an X-ray?

Any information that contributes to an accurate diagnosis is useful. If you already have recent X-rays or scans bring them with you to your first consultation. Most people don’t require an X-ray.

Will ACC pay for my treatment?

ACC will contribute to the cost of osteopathic treatment if your condition/injury is accident related. If your accident has already been recorded by ACC we need the details including the claim number. If it is a new injury we will register your claim with ACC.


How long will a treatment take?

We normally book every 30 minutes. For a first appointment it is helpful if you are few minutes early to allow time for taking details, the necessary form-filling and explanations.

Are there side effects?

It is not uncommon for some symptoms to persist for 24 hours. Osteopathy is a powerful science and significant changes are made. We will try to tell you what you might expect. However if symptoms are different from what we expect or persist, please contact us. There are A/H contacts on the back of the appointment card.

Can I bring a friend/relative/support person with me?

Yes of course. If the patient is under 16 years they should be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to take my clothes off?

Some assessments and treatments (such as massage) are best done with the skin exposed. We can adapt treatments with what you are comfortable with. Special clothing items such as Burqa/scarves do not need to be removed. Loose-fitting clothing is preferred to bulky or tight clothing.

Is osteopathy the same as at home?

The licence structure and training here is equivalent to Australia and the UK.
For those from the USA, osteopaths here are restricted to manual medicine and cannot prescribe for restricted medicines.

When and how do I pay?

Payment is due at the time of treatment/consultation. EFTPOS is available and we accept most credit cards.

Suffering with pain?

We are committed to providing effective and affordable osteopathic care for all.
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