Our fees are for professional services offered in the Auckland CBD.

Accident Compensation Corporation ACC offers a subsidy for osteopathic treatment for injuries occurring in New Zealand (Including visitors) and for NZ residents travelling overseas. This subsidy requires a co-payment to be made to meet our fees.

We are committed to our community and so offer a discount to our senior members.

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Wellness Packages


  • Family package may include nominated extended family members.
  • Expiry of one year from date of purchase.
  • Packages available at above pricing until further notice

Osteopathic Foam Roller

Heavy Duty Foam Rollers. The latest tool in core stability, balance, stretching and strengthening.

  • Ideal for individuals, fitness professionals, and rehabilitation specialists wishing to add greater scope to fitness, exercise, and rehabilitation routines.
  • The unstable nature of the cylindrical shaped rollers makes them ideal tools for balance based and core stability exercises.
  • These innovative affordable tools allow for the progressive overload of a diverse selection of popular exercises.
  • Perfect to use in the rehab clinic, gym, or the home.

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Heel Raiser

Normal people (50%) have a 5 mm difference in leg length. If you are not well adapted to this, or have a larger discrepancy (20% have 9mm and 2.5% have 15mm or more), you may be experiencing recurrent lower back pain.


  • A heel raiser can reduce some back and knee pains.
  • Heel raisers make it easier to exercise with differences in leg lengths.

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$5.00 per pair

Air cycle

By stimulating natural movements, Aircycle helps.

  • Reduce Pain from Arthritis.
  • Reduce Swollen Ankles.
  • Symptoms of Arthritis, Diabetic Feet, Parkinson’s and MS
  • Boost Circulation
  • Cramps and Restless Legs
  • Build Strength and Improve Balance and Joint Flexibility

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