Stand next to something you can use for balance.


Lift your right leg behind your and hold your foot (or trouser leg) with the right hand. (Start with either leg but stretch both legs).Tilt your pelvis forward. (Tuck your butt in and flatten your tummy). Check with a mirror if it helps.

Once you are in this position keep your back as straight as possible.The area of the muscles being stretched is shown in figure above.With your back straight push your knee to the floor. Alternatively, keep your back and hips stable and pull your foot horizontally backward.Hold the position you are in for 10 to 15 seconds. Swap legs and the side with which you are holding the chair. Repeat the stretch for both sides at least twice each day – especially before exercise and after sitting too long.

Important: This stretch should be pain-free.

Take care not to arch your back during this stretch.
If you have difficulty with this exercise or you want to know more contact your osteopath.